Jolly Thomas Consults is unique in every way and we try to benefit our clients with this uniqueness of approach.
We firmly believe and stringently follow the 4Is Approach in our service.

What is the 4 ‘I’s technique?


when asked any business owner what is his/her ambition regarding their business? The gist of all answers is – increasing in sales or revenue. We, at JTC, comprehend your intension and give you the actual and effective roadmap to achieve your business aim.


The most important thing we, at Jolly Thomas Consults, do is to look at your business from an impartial perspective, which no business owner can ever do. We interpret your brand to consumers in a language ‘they’ can understand.


We know that you know your brand but let your brand be known among your target group. All we do is compile necessary information through our scrupulous market research and translate that information in form of analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies successfully sell their products.


As we said, our actions and results speak for us. We thread a personality of your business. We do not just consult or suggest the solutions but we implement them for our clients till the new brand is established and the old one is revitalized. We help you to reach at the destination by providing strategy implementation support. Our experts work closely with client at each stage of strategy implementation to produce expected results and achieve growth objectives